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Bel Canto Choir

Yeah.. we went to STATES! :-P

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This is a place where sophomores boys, juniors, seniors, and alumni can talk about BCC. Membership is moderated so only members of BCC can join. Anyone and everyone in BCC will be admitted, we just need to make sure you're actually in BCC (which is why membership is moderated).

Spread the word! Of all the people who have been to Franklin and who goes to Franklin and also has a LiveJournal, we have sadly few members. :( Now that several of us have graduated, it's up to the people still at FHS to let others know this exists. ;)

Moderated by Kendall (justaredherring). If we see anything remotely insulting, rude, or of a bashing nature, the post will be deleted, the comments will be screened or deleted. If you want to say something like that, say it in your own journal and I suggest making the entry friends-only/private.