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been along time...

Today i went on my friends page, and it actually showed stephanies post. I guess all the other posts on here werent showing up, so i didnt think ne one else was still talking on franklin BCC. So if ne one still is... then here are a few questions...
comment and let me know

[Edit:] for questions 1, 3 and 4...i mean anyone who isnt a student at FHS ne more!

1. Where are last yrs seniors at now? college work etc??
2. This yrs seniors and juniors...hows BCC?? what songs are you guys singing?? Do u like it so far??
3. Last yrs seniors...what do you miss most about choir?
4. And last yr seniors, if you could change one thing about choir...what would it have been.

I hope everyone is enjoying choir this yr...cuz i miss it sooo much. Its the only thing i miss about high school...and of course most of the friends i made through choir.

Luv and miss you all

♥ Katie fowler
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