B (brandobass) wrote in franklin_bcc,


I got accepted into the school of music finally at Western.

I'm either going to do just music therapy or I'm gonna try to pull a double major along with Musical Theater. I would really love my career to be performing.

I'm going to learn how to dance real real good when I'm in college. I will become a dancing machine. Then I will rock as a triple threat.

They don't take a lot of peeps into the school of music at western so I'm really proud of myself. it's something like 15-20 people or something like that. And well over 300 people auditioned. Pretty cool huh?

I want to find out if I got any solo's in choir that would be sweet.

Not to mention it's freakin sweet I get to sing the alma mater at commencements. that will be an amazing feeling.

I'm really tired, and I have to go reherse for pirates in like a half hour. damn it. time for a quick nap I suppose.

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